On the Table 
is Postponed until 2022

We regret to inform you that we have made the difficult decision to postpone On The Table until 2022.  With COVID cases on the rise, full hospitals, and schools and businesses trying to navigate all of this, we found it best to postpone to a later date as the safety of our community is our primary concern.

What is On the table?

On the Table is a one of a kind opportunity to bring people of diverse backgrounds together to have meaningful conversations about important topics to the community.

This community-wide initiative seeks to explore how the power of collaboration can make our community stronger, safer, and more dynamic. The goal is ambitious, but the desire is to create a movement that encourages each of us to do more – to contribute our time, talent, and ideas. The Community Foundation of Central Georgia will survey participants to determine what issues mattered most to them and the ideas that emerged from the day’s conversations. Participants will share their stories to help inspire others to make a difference.


Community Foundation of Central Georgia and the Knight Foundation will also offer everyone who participated an opportunity to apply for mini-grants as seed money to help launch their ideas. The online application for mini-grants will be available after On the Table.


This initiative would not be possible without the generous funding of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Host a Table
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Organizations and individuals of all ages, walks of life, and socio-economic backgrounds are invited to sign up to host or join a conversation and make connections to support future collaborative action. 


The host will guide the topics, issues, and ideas discussed during each On the Table conversation. Participants are encouraged to continue their discussions after On the Table.



TBA, 2022

Are you ready to Host a Table? 

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On the Table, 2021 will be Hybrid! We are offering both virtual and in person tables. Each table will either be virtual or in person following CDC Guidelines. For the virtual sessions, we will use Zoom. We are excited to offer both options!


Hosts will be able to use the platform to engage their attendees creatively. Our in person locations will be hosted throughout Middle Georgia. For our virtual sessions, attendees can connect from anywhere with good Internet connection.

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Host a Table


Being a host is easy and fun!  You can be the person who gets good things started. A host commits to hosting a conversation either in person or virtually. You can also choose to do a public or private table. A private table means you will invite specific guests to your table and it will not be listed on our website. A public table is open to anyone to attend and will be listed on this website.


The invite list is up to you – friends, family, colleagues, and/or neighbors.  Hosting is the first step to doing something great in the city, and it’s made easy with our Host Training Webinar and Host Toolkit.

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Become a Super Host

Super Hosts are organizations — nonprofits, places of worship, businesses, schools, civic organizations and others — that commit to hosting 10+ tables, with 8 to 12 people per table.


If this describes your organization, please click the sign up below. If you have questions, please contact us at 478-750-9338 or OnTheTable@cfcga.org.

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